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Dr Basil Athanassiadis has a keen interest in endodontic treatment and he has been doing this procedure for 30 years.
He is a member of the Australian Society of Endodontology (Qld) for over 20 years and he attended their regular meetings into the latest developments and research in the area of root canal treatments. Dr Basil also completed his research Masters’ Degree in this field in 2007 from the University of Western Australia. He has also co-developed new endodontic materials with Professor Laurie Walsh to better disinfect the root canal and prevent staining of teeth. In Short, Dr Basil is one of the most learned Endodontist Brisbane wide.

Dr Basil is an experienced Dentist with a keen interest in root canal treatment, he believes that root canal therapy is the best way to save an infected tooth. Generally done over two appointments, he will remove the damaged or infected pulp tissue within the tooth in one appointment then after a period of 2-3 weeks the empty canal, in the roots of teeth, will be filled with a sealer followed by a filling to close the access cavity of the tooth.

Root canal treatment is an excellent way to save a tooth that is infected and may otherwise need to be removed. Saving the natural tooth is always our priority and a root canal treatment can help restore chewing functionality, normal biting force and sensation and maintains your natural appearance.

Also known as Endodontic Therapy, root canal treatment is often performed by a highly experienced and qualified Dentist when your tooth has been damaged internally from deep decay, disease or infection. Dr Basil is committed to professional development and he continually advances his knowledge and skills to stay ahead of changes in the industry.

Dr Basil will examine your teeth and may take an X-ray that will help see the root’s size and depth. The success rate for root canal therapy is usually good (approximately 90%) and most patients can expect a fully functioning tooth after the treatment, which should last a long time.

A root canal treatment is performed under local anaesthetic. Generally, a root-filled tooth will need a crown as they typically have a higher risk of fracture due to the tooth being weaker as a result of a considerable loss of tooth structure to allow access to the roots.

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